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Bradley Polacek


Brad Polacek is the true epitome of a “genuine good guy” that earns everyone’s respect.  Brad moved to Fort Myers FL back in 1999 and through his 20 years of residency as truly made a major impact on the area as a whole.  He has established true personal and business relationships where the common statement said when anyone is asked about the type of person Brad is, the answer is always “A genuine trustworthy good guy.”  Anyone can learn the skill sets as a professional but to earn people’s respect is a rare trait that Brad naturally possesses.

Brad has been in the Real Estate Industry since 2003 where he started his career as a Florida Licensed Mortgage Broker.  Brad wanted to understand the internals of residential financing as he knew this would be a major advantage for him when he transitioned into Real Estate Sales. Brad’s #1 focus was to ensure all his clients were educated on each and every aspect of their loans.  Over the 3 to 4 year period as a mortgage broker, Brad built a successful track record and was associated with one of the top organizations in South Florida.

Over the last 10 years, Brad has been a licensed Florida Real Estate Sales Associate.  He took the education first approach and truly spent the last 10 years studying the local markets, tracking the credit markets and adapting the diverse SWFL Real Estate Market.  He has received his nationally recognized Certified Property Distressed Expert (CPDE) Certification, which is truly an asset as short sales are a major part of the SWFL Real Estate market.

When you deal with Brad you are dealing with someone who truly knows his market.  When he is showing you properties rest assured he has conducted market valuations on every property you are going to see and will be walking you through the home pointing out the value adds and reductions.  When he takes on the sale of your house, prior to ever signing a listing agreement you will clearly understand what your home value is, how it compares to the competition and what minor changes should be made to make it be the very best home it can.

Brad joined No Nonsense Real Estate P.A. as he believes in a true No Nonsense Approach.  He will always give you the facts and figures and explain them to you in plain English.  Numbers do not lie and educated buyers and sellers are the most successful of them all.

Now let’s get to work and let Brad show you No Nonsense, Just Results.”

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