Kenny Matlock, Real Estate Agent


Kenny was born and raised in the Florida Keys, in fact, his family has been prominent members of the Keys’ community for several generations.  Kenny has a background in welding and manufacturing, and he currently owns a business in Marathon. His craftsmanship, ability to recognize potential, and his commitment to detail have made him well known and admired, especially when it comes to his incredible car restorations. His trustworthy character and warm personality have helped make him successful.  Kenny brings a hearty work ethic and friendly demeanor to the table when it comes to real estate. His knowledge of the Keys is unmatched and his connections run deep, making him the ideal agent for anyone interested in buying or selling a home, regardless of which island. Kenny’s knowledge of the Keys goes much further than just the housing market, which may also make him the perfect tour guide as well.

As the newest member of the No-Nonsense Team, Kenny is a welcome addition and will be heading up the No-Nonsense Marathon office. With his No-Nonsense attitude, a keen sense of professionalism, and vast knowledge of the Florida Keys market, Kenny is your No-Nonsense connection to the Keys.

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