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Tressa Cioffi is a rare Florida native and an integral part of the No Nonsense Real Estate team.  She was born in Naples, FL and has lived all throughout Lee and Collier Counties her entire life.  She has seen the area grow over the years where cow pastures have turned into Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate developments.

She is one of those rare people you encounter that can truly put a smile on anyone’s face at any time.  Her natural people skills are something you cannot learn from a book, you either naturally have it or you don’t, and she does.  One conversation with Tressa and you instantly feel like you have known her forever.  She is a genuinely good person with a big heart.

Tressa has built a very successful career in Public Relations with several established SWFL companies.  She was an on-air personality for CW6, which is owned by Waterman Broadcasting.  Not only was she an on-air personality and the lead in several local commercials, but she was also responsible for hosting local community and charity events.  CW6 entrusted Tressa to expand the company’s local presence and get the word out about the station as a whole, which she excelled in.  She is also the founder of Queen of the Drone, Inc, a successful Aerial Videography and Photography business, which is a huge asset for all of our No Nonsense Listings.  She ensures every one of our listings stands out above the competition visually.

Tressa is the wife of No Nonsense Real Estate’s broker Christopher Cioffi and was the perfect fit to take on the role of Director of Public Relations.  Since taking on the position she has expanded the No Nonsense brand and built a strong local buzz about the company.  As No Nonsense Real Estate continues to grow, Tressa’s role will continue to expand.  The company could not be where it is without and we are grateful to have her on board.

Tressa is a mother to her and Christopher’s daughters’ Anya and Mila, the future CEO’s of No Nonsense Real Estate.  Her daughters are everything to her and she is an amazing mother.  In her free time, which is limited nowadays, she enjoys creating one of a kind artwork, photographing the natural beauty of Southwest Florida, soaking in the rays of one of the many local beaches and planning once in a lifetime road trips with her family.

Don’t let Tressa’s smile fool you, she is the epitome of No Nonsense.  So keep a look out for the many innovative new ways Tressa will be expanding the No Nonsense brand as they will be memorable, to say the least.

Now let’s get to work and let Tressa show you No Nonsense, Just Results.”

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