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Buyer’s Guide

    No Nonsense Buyer's Guide Please use the arrows to navigate. Buyers – purchasing a home is one of the most important and expensive decisions you will ever make. It by no means is an “Easy” process as it can be quite stressful. At No Nonsense Real Estate we guarantee that every home purchase will be a true No Nonsense experience. Upon the 1st conversation with a No Nonsense Realtor you will experience the difference as we will NEVER even start the home buying process until we have assisted you in getting formally pre-approved. Know this pre-qualification letters are absolutely useless, a pre-approval will require you to provide all formal docs to a loan officer allowing you to understand exactly what you can qualify for & what your financial comforts are. It is complete "nonsense" to start looking at homes, which, you may not be able to afford. All it will do is disappoint you and waste your time. At No Nonsense, time is money and we never waste time. Unlike many Real Estate brokerages, No Nonsense Real Estate will ALWAYS take time to educate you on the current real estate market. Yes, we actually spend time with every buyer prior to ever showing them a property to explain current market trends, the differences between regular and distressed homes, the drastic variances in home’s conditions and the value impacts, and lastly we review how real estate deals are structured & what to expect. Once we’ve done this, we begin the “house hunting process”. It is important to understand that you will need to do your home homework as well throughout the home buying process. You cannot just rely on your realtor, as there are realtors out there who unfortunately are not properly educated on your market. At No Nonsense RE this will NEVER be the case as we train all of our Real Estate Professionals on current market trends, property valuations, contract negotiation, tricks of the trade we have found through our previous successes.

    No Nonsense RE will make sure you have all the tools and knowledge to make a sound decision for you and your family. Houses may look great in photos and the prices may seem to be too good to be true, in most cases they are and there are unseen issues or problems with the home. We have a proven track record of success and we look forward to showing you why this is.
    So you feel ready to buy a home?

    We are excited to assist you and share our proven No Nonsense Approach to buying a home. Here is more info on what you can expect when working with a No Nonsense Buyer’s Agent:
    Identifying Your Method of Purchase

    Before the process can ever begin we must understand how you are going to purchase your home. If you are purchasing via Cash we may ask to you to provide verification of available funds as we need to ensure we are only showing you properties within the price range of your cash capacity.

    If you are Financing your home, we will assist you in getting “Pre-Approved” by one of several local lenders we work with. Receiving a pre-approval is the most crucial aspect to a financed purchase. We cannot start previewing houses until we have a clear understanding of exactly what you qualify for. You do not go test-drive a Ferrari if you are only qualified for a Toyota Camry. It makes no sense and it’s a waste of your time. Furthermore Pre-Approval letters are now required for an offer to be submitted to a seller for acceptance.
    Determine Your Current Requirements for a Home Purchase

    • What is your target city, general area, or “Dream” neighborhood you want to be in?
    • What are your “Wish List” and “Must Have” items you expect in a home?
    • What are your specific timeframes you have to purchase your home?

    Analyze your Requirements and Provide “Realistic” Expectations

    We will make sure what you are looking for is actually realistic based on current market conditions. We do not want you to have false expectations. We will review each of your requirements with you and explain what is achievable and what is unrealistic and why.
    Develop a Custom Client Portal Providing Up to Date Properties Meeting your Requirements
    Once we fine-tune exactly what you are looking for we will develop a custom personal Client Portal, which will provide you with immediate access to any and all properties, which are currently available on the market fitting your criteria. The Portal is live information, which will capture a listing within the minute it was entered into the MLS System. As inventory levels are at record lows, timing is truly of the essence and this feature will ensure we can react immediately on your behalf. No more receiving delayed outdated information from or You now have the competitive advantage.

    Identify Available Properties Meeting Your Requirements
    We will be in constant communication with you reviewing each and every property in your portal. We will discuss the details of the homes and compare them to your specific criteria while relating the home's details to market conditions. Through this process, we will fine-tune the available homes list and determine, which ones we will preview so we can further determine if they truly meet your criteria.
    Schedule Showings to Preview Homes You Would Like to See Immediately Upon your Request
    As inventory levels continue to be drastically reduced, it is so important to schedule appointments in a timely manner once you have identified a property that meets your initial interest. A No Nonsense Real Estate Professional will ensure that the showings are scheduled immediately upon your request.
    Provide Professional Insight into Every Previewed Property in Relation to Market Standards
    Prior to any No Nonsense Real Estate Professional every showing a property to a buyer, rest assured they have conducted detailed due diligence on each and every property. This includes a market valuation of the home, an analysis of the property’s history, a detailed phone call with the listing agent, and a clear determination of current status.

    Should the property be a Short Sale, we will make sure the Listing Agent is educated on Short Sales and is properly preparing the home to submit for lender approval. Should the property be a Foreclosure, we will get details from the Listing Agent on what if any work has been done by the bank and identify if any previous home issues are present or were addressed. This is so crucial to ensure success in these deals and NNRE truly makes sure we are going the extra mile.
    Determine Professional Opinion of Value for Properties of Interest
    Determining an accurate opinion of market value for properties, which meet your initial interest is so important in today’s market. You need to make sure you are working with a Real Estate Professional that has the tools to accurately do this, as this is the major step that must occur prior to any offers every being drafted. At No Nonsense Real Estate this will always be the case. Now while it is our job to provide accurate opinion of value, be assured the final decision will be up to you and we will always Respect this.
    Develop a No Nonsense Strategy on Structuring a Purchase Contract
    Once we have an agreed upon value of the property we then must develop the strategy for the Purchase Contract. This will include reviewing each and every aspect of the Purchase Contract and explaining the proven NNRE “tricks of the trade” we have developed to ensure your offer will have a competitive advantage against the competition. With so many properties receiving multiple offers, this is so crucial to your success. We have been in numerous “Highest and Best” situations on behalf of our clients and built quite a successful track record. This knowledge is truly priceless to every Buyer we work. We will always make sure your offer is within reason and we are providing a real opportunity to Purchase a home.
    Engage the Proven No Nonsense Contract Negotiation Process
    NNRE Real Estate Professionals are skilled in contract negotiations and you can be assured we will do everything in our power to negotiate the best available deal for you we can. No one can match the proven negotiation skills that we can offer. We have built a solid proven track record and we look forward to performing on your behalf.
    Provide Full Client Support During the Contract To Close Process
    Securing a Contract is a big accomplishment however once this has occurred the real work begins. What separates NNRE from the competition is that we truly respect the importance of the Contract to Close Process and we will be there with you every step of the way. We will assist in recommending well respected Home Inspectors to ensure the home meets your quality standards, we will be in constant communication with your lender if your financing your home purchase, we will be working with the Title/Closing Company ensuring the accuracy of the figures and NNRE will be consistently working with the listing agent to ensure a smooth streamlined Closing occurs.
    Shake your Hand and Congratulate you on your New Home Purchase
    NNRE identifies success by the smile we see on every clients face when the keys have been handed over to them on their home purchase. We are just as excited as you are as we take pride in performing for our clients and we are genuinely happy for you. A handshake goes a long way and we look forward to shaking your hand congratulating you.
    Provide Quarterly Market Reports Post The Closing of Your Home Purchase
    Our work does not end at closing. NNRE will make sure we are keeping you up to date on your properties value. It is so important to understand your homes value and the state of your local real estate market. We will maintain communication with you and be there 24/7 should you have any questions.

    Are You Ready For a No Nonsense Experience?

    See how easy it can be. 

    T. Chooger ★★★★★
    Cape Coral

    Chris has been our realtor for the past 5 years and we could not be more impressed with his service. Chris has helped us through the sale and purchase of 2 separate homes and completely astonished us with his marketing strategies that resulted in the sale of each of our homes in under a week and for a higher amount than we had hoped. From start to finish, he made sure every detail of each transaction went as smoothly as possible. Even when we ran into obstacles due to the homes we purchased being foreclosures, Chris really went to bat for us ensuring we got the house we wanted both times! I would never work with any other realtor after being spoiled by the best.

    Morgan R. ★★★★★
    SW Florida

    In 2013 Chris sold our home, for top dollar, in less than a week on the market. Today we closed on the sale of a second home which was only on the market for TWO DAYS before multiple offers were received! To say that we have been impressed is an understatement. We are now working with Chris to find our forever home and his professional insight is invaluable. Chris stands behind everything that he preaches about the No Nonsense approach; he answers his own phone, day or night, he returns calls & emails almost instantaneously, and he tells you what you need to hear even when you may not want to hear it. 99% of the time if we had a question Chris knew the answer, but if he didn't he found out for us right away. We followed his lead and got the results that he guaranteed us. We are grateful to have hit the "Real Estate Professional" jackpot with Chris. We would (and have) gladly refer Chris to anyone in the market for a true professional with a solid reputation. His results speak for themselves, but his satisfied clients are happy to chime in, too!

    Bart ★★★★★
    Fort Myers

    Finally a real estate company that sets themselves apart from the rest. “No Nonsense Real Estate”, of course everybody can select a catchy name for their company but this was no gimmick, it actually represented 100% of the services offered by Chris Cioffi and Co. The way it works at “No Nonsense Real Estate” is that after your first contact with “No Nonsense Real Estate”, Chris and his team start with an in-depth evaluation of your property, location and amenities. After the evaluation is completed “No Nonsense Real Estate” tells you straight up what the advantages and disadvantages are of your property and what can be done to make this property more marketable. An honest evaluation with no empty promises just to get your business. Based on the analysis “No Nonsense Real Estate” lays out a comprehensive classic and social media marketing plan consisting of a detailed description of your property, a comprehensive photoshoot and a 4K drone video of the inside and outside of the property and its surroundings. Chris at “No Nonsense Real Estate” is an amazing tenacious advocate for his clients has tremendous patience with prospective buyers and uses the latest technology during the transaction process. Where conventional (old fashioned) real-estate agents still let you print, scan, e-mail or use a fax machine (whhhhuuuu?) to send documents back and forward, at “No Nonsense Real Estate” it’s all electronic and can be done from any location worldwide. “No Nonsense” Real Estate Chris lives up to their company name, 100% and sold our property at a price far above comparable properties in the area. So if you want to sell or buy a property “No Nonsense Real Estate” is what you need.

    Anonymous ★★★★★
    North Fort Myers

    We have worked with Chris since 2013; he sold two (2) homes for my husband and I and now has found us our forever home. Chris was patient as we viewed and researched nearly fifty (50) properties. While we were getting discouraged, Chris was confident that we were going to find "the one" and not have to settle. Chris worked diligently to do research on each and every property that we were interested in, as he treats his clients like family and didn't want us to make a bad investment, nor be stuck in a money pit. After nearly a year of looking Chris texted one evening and said that he had found our dream home. We viewed it the very next morning and were under contract within 24 hours AND well under list price! Chris ensured that we got the best deal possible, answered any and all questions, and was there for every single step of the process (including educating our lender on tax matters in Lee County to ensure that we weren't overpaying in escrow or at closing!). Without a doubt Chris and the No Nonsense Team are one of a kind in this industry. We couldn't have made a better choice in a realtor and without hesitation recommend Chris if you're buying or selling.

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