Florida’s Real Estate Boom: 5 Metros Dominate Top 10 List for Out-of-State Buyers


Are you ready for a jaw-dropping revelation about Florida’s real estate market? According to the recent article published by Florida Realtors, five Florida metros have secured prominent positions in the Top 10 for out-of-state buyers! This revelation is undoubtedly a testament to the allure and desirability of the Sunshine State for individuals looking to make a life-changing move.

The article, titled “5 Fla. Metros in Top 10 for Out-of-State Buyers,” highlights the incredible demand for Florida properties, drawing in buyers from all corners of the country. Whether you’re considering a relocation, seeking a vacation home, or eyeing an investment opportunity, these Florida metros have become irresistible magnets for those seeking their own piece of paradise.

Tampa ranked #3, Orlando ranked #4, North Port/Sarasota ranked #6, Cape Coral ranked #7 & Miami ranked #9.  Here is the full list of the Top 10 metros.

Top 10 out-of-state metros in 2Q

  1. Las Vegas: Net inflow 5,700. Top origin: Los Angeles
  2. Phoenix: Net inflow 5,300. Top origin: Seattle
  3. Tampa: Net inflow 5,000. Top origin: New York City
  4. Orlando: Net inflow 4,900. Top origin: New York City
  5. Sacramento, Calif. Net inflow 4,800. Top origin: Chicago
  6. North Port-Sarasota: Net inflow 4,700. Top origin: New York City
  7. Cape Coral: Net inflow 4,100. Top origin: Chicago
  8. Dallas: Net inflow 4,100. Top origin: Los Angeles
  9. Miami: Net inflow 3,700. Top origin: New York City
  10. Houston: Net inflow 3,600. Top origin: New York City

So, what makes these five Florida metros so irresistible to out-of-state buyers? Let’s delve into the factors driving this real estate boom:

  1. Warm Weather and Coastal Charm: Florida’s inviting climate and scenic coastlines have always been a major draw for out-of-state buyers. The opportunity to bask in the sun year-round and enjoy breathtaking ocean views is undoubtedly a dream come true for many.
  2. Thriving Job Market: Florida boasts vibrant economies with thriving job markets in various sectors, making it an attractive destination for those seeking career growth and opportunities.
  3. Low Tax Burden: Florida’s favorable tax policies, including no state income tax, have long been a significant incentive for buyers seeking to maximize their financial well-being.
  4. Lifestyle and Recreation: From world-class golf courses to endless recreational activities, Florida offers an unmatched lifestyle that caters to all interests and passions.
  5. Real Estate Appreciation: Florida’s real estate market has been on a steady upswing, promising potential buyers strong appreciation potential over time.

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Source: 5 Fla. Metros in Top 10 for Out-of-State Buyers

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